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Knee Scooters are Better than Crutches!

I broke my ankle a week ago, and after my foot was in a cast like splint the doctor gave me a pair of crutches to use.  Ok, I used the crutches for a few steps, and had a very difficult time balancing using them, so gave the crutches back to the Doctor.

As a Jung SuWon warrior, I had a purpose and determination and didn’t give up striving for a better method of transportation.  I asked the doctor what else can I use?

The doctor gave me a walker, which seemed easier and more stable than the crutches, but still hopping on 1 foot took a long time to get somewhere.

With Jung SuWon warrior determination, consistency, and persistence, I still searched for another method of transportation and discovered a Knee Scooter!

 Now, I can move about everywhere.  My broken foot is elevated off of the floor.  I don’t need to worry about bumping it.  I don’t need upper arm strength to maneuver the scooter.  The pressure is off of my arms and good foot. I love the modern technology of using a Knee Scooter for the rest of the time I’m wearing a foot cast.  It folds to fit in a car.  I can put my computer on the handlebar. I’m all set!

He can do! She can do! Why not me!


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